Promotion Terms & Conditions

26th October 2022



1.1 Christmas and Birthday gifts are available to Platinum and Black card holders who have:
• Downloaded and registered on the Hippodrome Member App
• Supplied a valid email address to the reception and opted in to receive Hippodrome Rewards marketing materials by emails
1.2 Black card holder gifts:
• Annual Birthday gift of 40,000 rewards points
• Annual Christmas gift of 20,000 rewards points
1.3 Platinum card holder gifts:
• Annual Birthday gift of 10,000 rewards points
• Annual Christmas gift of 5,000 rewards points
1.4 Customers eligible for the Annual Birthday gift will receive a QR code in the Hippodrome Member App, valid for the duration of their birthday month. The gift will expire when the birthday month has ended. The QR code, in the voucher tab on the Hippodrome Member App, must be shown at Cashdesk for the points to be added to the customers membership account.
1.5 Customers eligible for the Annual Christmas gift will receive the relevant rewards points through the Hippodrome Member App during December and will have until 31st December 00:00 to redeem the rewards points at Cashdesk.
1.6 Rewards points can be redeemed for Super Odds Gaming chips or Freeplay.
1.6.1 Rewards point redemption for Freeplay will be capped at £200 (equivalent of 20,000 rewards points) per gaming day.
1.7 If card holders are unable to download or register on the Hippodrome Member App, a member of the Hippodrome staff, including but not limited to the Welcome Desks, Customer Relations and/or Customer Marketing will be more than happy to assist upon request, otherwise:
1.7.1 Black and Platinum card holders will be offered a complimentary amount of rewards points redeemable towards food, beverage, in-house show and/or in any of the Hippodrome’s hospitality outlets. The amount is subject to a positive comp bucket on the customer’s Hippodrome account. The comp bucket is automatically calculated by the Hippodrome’s Management System.
1.7.2 Hippodrome outlets include but limited to Heliot Steak House, Chop Chop by Four Seasons at the Hippodrome, Rooftop, and in-house show.
1.7.3 In some cases, an alternative Seasonal gift may be offered which may include: Chinese New Year and/or other special events.
1.7.4 Alternatives are not permitted without prior authorisation from the senior management team.
1.7.5 In-house birthday celebrations:
i. Customers must contact a Customer Relations Manager (CR) for reservations
ii. Subject to availability
iii. Must be booked within the birthday month
iv. Customers are obliged to pay any payment due outside of the contribution limit agreed with the CR
1.8 Gifts are not transferable.

2. Super Odds Gaming Chip Terms and Conditions
a. When a Super Odds Gaming chip wins it is paid at 100 x the relevant multiple.
b. Gaming staff will determine the maximum and minimum Super Odds Gaming chip stakes in accordance with the posted table limits.
c. Winning Super Odds Gaming chip bets will be paid with cash chips (or wheel chips on roulette) at the appropriate odds.
d. Super Odds Gaming chips can be used on any casino game with the exception of:
i. Casino War;
ii. Even Chance bets on Roulette;
iii. Betting Player and Banker simultaneously on Baccarat
iv. where the full value of the chip is not used for an individual wager; or
v. in cash or competition games related to the poker deck
e. Super Odds Gaming chips can only be exchanged at the Cash Desks for their nominal face value.
f. In the event of any dispute, the decision of the Hippodrome Casino will be considered final and no correspondence will be entered into.
g. The Hippodrome Casino reserves the right to modify, alter, discontinue or terminate the Super Odds Gaming chip promotion at any time for any reason whatsoever without notice to players.
h. The Hippodrome Casino accepts no responsibility for chips lost or damaged/altered by the customer.
i. Super Odds Gaming chips are non-transferable.

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