Venue Guide

Venue Guide

The Hippodrome is 75,000ft2 of fun spread over 7 floors, including 8 bars, 3 casinos, Heliot Steak House, Magic Mike Live, 3 outdoor roof terraces, PokerStars, private rooms, lounges and more.

Feel free to explore…

Lower Ground Lola’s Underground Casino

Lola's Casino - Venue Guide

Speakeasy vibe

Ground Floor The Grand Casino & Macau Lounge

Grand Casino - Venue Guide

60ft high atrium

First Floor Heliot Steak House

Heliot Steak House - Venue Guide

Top-rated steak house

First Floor The Boozy Tea Room

The Boozy Tea Room - Venue Guide

Luxury cocktails

First Floor Penny Bar

Penny Bar - Venue Guide

24h bar and diner

First Floor Magic Mike Live

Magic Mike Live

Book tickets at

Second Floor Magic Mike Live Balcony

Magic Mike Live Balcony - Venue Guide

Third Floor PokerStars & Lower Gods

Pokerstars - Venue Guide

Cash poker Games

Fourth Floor The Gods Casino & Upper Gods

The Gods Casino - Venue Guide

Amazing views

Fifth Floor The Rooftop

Smoking Terrace

A hidden oasis

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