Safer Gambling

Staying In Control

There are things we can all do in order to keep gambling fun. These include:

  • take regular breaks when gambling.
  • set and stick to a budget for how much time and money you wish to spend.
  • ask a member of the Hippodrome team about player controls to support budgeting.
  • keep track of what you are spending on gambling.
  • if you drink alcohol, do so in moderation.
  • make sure you are gambling for the right reasons – for fun and entertainment – not to win money or because you are feeling bored or distressed.

Taking A Break

If you feel it’s time to take a break from gambling perhaps self-exclusion is a good option. The SENSE (Self Enrolment National Self Exclusion) scheme allows those who wish to stop gambling for a period of six months or more to ask to be prevented from doing so – and it applies across all land-based casinos in Great Britain.

This is how SENSE works:

  • You commit to not visit casinos for a minimum of six months.
  • Your details will be removed from all land-based casino marketing databases and you will not be contacted during the period of your self-exclusion.
  • Following the termination of the self-exclusion period you choose whether to apply for reinstatement.

Self-exclusion allows you to decide whether to take a break from gambling. While it is your responsibility to stick to the agreement, casinos will provide support. If you visit a venue from which you have been excluded and are recognised as being excluded, you will be asked to leave.

To enrol in SENSE you can:

  • Talk to a Hippodrome team member about self-exclusion
  • Pick up a SENSE leaflet from the casino
  • Download a self-exclusion form

You can download a self-exclusion form and find about out more about SENSE and other Self-Exclusion programmes for other forms of gambling by clicking HERE.

The SENSE programme covers all casinos in Great Britain.

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