Magic Mike Live

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Conceived and co-directed by Channing Tatum, Magic Mike Live is a large-scale, live production show based on the hit films Magic Mike and Magic Mike XXL.

From the Hippodrome’s bespoke entrance off Cranbourn Street, to the specially-curated Boozy Tea Room and bar experience with the cast of world-class performers, Magic Mike Live is a complete evening of unparalleled entertainment for guests aged 18 and up.

Audience members will enter Magic Mike’s mythical club and marvel as a group of extraordinary artists perform a 360-degree dance and acrobatic spectacular in front of, behind, and above them. Sexy dance routines intertwined with one-of-a-kind acts, will be presented by a diverse cast of performers from around the world for this hot new production.

The show has been hailed as “the modern strip show we deserve” by USA Today and celebrated as “the show that has everything you could ever want” by Glamour UK.

For those asking if you’ll get to see Channing himself. Channing is the director and creator of the show and not a dancer in it, but as Channing often says, he “can’t wait until he’s in Magic Mike shape” so he can perform in the show! He also loves to surprise audience members by turning up at shows every now and then, so do keep an eye out!

As a reminder to everyone who has tickets to see Magic Mike Live:

ENTRANCE – There’s an exclusive entrance for Magic Mike ticket holders on Cranbourn Street. Please use this door, which is 20 yards down on the left from the main Hippodrome entrance.

ARRIVAL TIME – This is a very popular show, so we encourage you to come early to perhaps check in your coat and get some food and a drink…there are plenty of things to explore at The Hippodrome prior to the performance. You could even consider a table in our fantastic new Boozy Tea Room.

OVER 18s ONLY – The theatre is inside the casino, so anyone entering the building has to be Over 18. We can’t make any exceptions.

PICTURE ID – Please bring some picture ID – a passport or driving licence is perfect – especially if you’re lucky enough to look under 21.

We hope you have a wonderful time. Can’t wait to see you.

Tickets can be booked HERE.

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