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Chris da Silva hits the mark in 2020 as one of Hippodrome’s sponsored players.

We were delighted to announce the addition of Chris da Silva to our roster of sponsored players in 2019.

Chris, aged 34, represents and promotes The Hippodrome by playing in tournaments at home and away.

Kerryjane Craigie, Head of Poker at The Hippodrome Casino: “We’re proud to still be the only independent casino to sponsor players. Chris is the kind of player that we appeal to at the Hippodrome. Anyone can come and play here; Chris did and now he’s playing regularly and successfully.“

Along with Kelly Saxby who signed on with us in 2016, they will continue to represent us at all of the upcoming Hippodrome Tournaments and feel the power of the patch at events and festivals around the country and in Europe.

Chris, who lives in Dagenham, was first introduced to poker by his brother, during trips home from college. He said: “The Hippodrome is very close to my heart and this is a great honour.”

Chris came 99th out of more than 7,000 entries in 2018’s WSOP $10,000 main event in Las Vegas following some very high-finishing positions in European events. He has a consistent success and cashing rate and is rated as one of the UK’s most talented tournament players at present and has started 2020 in the UK’s Top Ten contenders for the GPI Player of the Year.

Both our patch wearers have had amazing results in recent months with Chris winning the Super High Roller At Goliath 2019 and many FT and winning positions since. Kelly took home the trophy at our very own August Series in 2019 and a 3rd place finish in the ladies event at the MPN Grand Finale in Madrid.

Chris Gordon remains an ambassador and friend of the Hippodrome. With a new family and career to concentrate on, we look forward to Chris joining us from time to time.

You can read up on Chris here in his recent interview with CalvinAyre.

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