TCP Stud

You Gotta Know When To Fold Em’

TCP Stud is a fast and exciting Poker game. The object is to get a Poker hand with a value higher than the Dealer’s.

How To Play

To play against the dealer, place a bet on the “Ante” box. Three cards are dealt face down to each player. After all the cards have been dealt the Dealer will pass you your cards to view. If you have placed an Ante bet and you believe your hand is high enough to beat the Dealer’s hand, then you can continue to play by placing a bet on Play which matches your bet on Ante. If you believe your hand will not beat the Dealer’s you can fold.

In addition to playing against the dealer, you may also play the “Colour Me” bet, which wins if all your cards are the same colour, the TCP 21 bet, which wins if your cards total 21, or the “3 Card Bonus” bet, which wins if your hand is a Pair or better. The dealer’s hand does not affect any of these bets.

To play the 3 Card Bonus, put your bet in the 3 Card Bonus box. If you want to play Colour Me or TCP 21, you must have a bet on either Ante, 3 Card Bonus or both.

Once all Players have placed a play bet or folded, the Dealer will turn their cards face up.


To qualify, the Dealer must have a hand of at least Queen high. If the Dealer does not qualify with a Queen high, then all Ante bets are paid along with any winning 3 Card Bonus, TCP 21 and Colour Me bets.

If the Dealer qualifies and your hand beats the Dealer’s, then your Ante and Play bets are paid at 1/1. The Dealer will then pay any winning 3 Card Bonus, TCP 21 and Colour Me bets.

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