ID & Source Of Funds Information


To verify identification, valid forms of Government issued photographic ID are required to complete your registration such as a Passport, Full Driving Licence or National Identity Card. No paper forms of ID of any description shall be accepted.

The Hippodrome operates a challenge 25 policy and for age verification we also accept identification carrying the PASS logo, for example CitizenCard or Validate, however these are not acceptable for registration purposes.


Under various legislation, licence conditions and codes of conduct we have a legal obligation to evidence a customers source of wealth, source of funds and affordability. Therefore on a risk based approach we may need to ask for further information and supporting documentation to support the individuals income and expenditure, this is a legal requirement.

UK Regulations Require:

All transactions, either buy-in or cash-out that are equivalent to €2000 Euros must require positive identification and must be evidenced with valid Government issued photographic identification. Any funds over this amount will be deposited at the Hippodrome until sufficient identification is provided. The Hippodrome apply a £1,000 limit where registration may be required to continue gaming for affordability purposes.

Acceptable forms of ID include a Passport, Full Driving Licence or National Identity Card.

All cash transactions from £1,000 must have evidence of source of funds and where deemed necessary this requirement may be applied at lower levels on a risk based approach, where funds cannot be evidenced all of the cash will be refused. Acceptable evidence will depend on the level of transaction.

Suitable Information Could Be Evidence Of:

  • P60/Payslips
  • Tax Returns
  • Bank Statements
  • Family Support
  • Inheritance
  • Pension
  • Dividends
  • Sale of assets

The evidence must be to a level that justifies and supports the level of transaction, i.e. to demonstrate the customer has personal funds from a reputable source to support the level of expenditure. If it is a gift from parents there has to be evidence that the parents can justify the gift.

Confidentiality Statement

All information provided will be handled in the strictest confidence, in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulations, requirements of the Gambling Commission and the Hippodrome Privacy Policy.

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