Player Registration and Waiver Form


DATE OF RECORDING AND PHOTOGRAPHY: During the Event, and additional day(s) before and/ or after the Event, if required.

You hereby acknowledge and approve of all processing of your Personal Data collected and as set out in this Agreement BY The Hippodrome Casino and may be shared with PokerStars Group. We in turn will comply these terms & conditions (“Agreement”) that should be read by you (the “User”, “Player”, or “you”) in its entirety, together with the PokerStars Live Privacy Policy, Tournament Poker Rules prior to your participation in any live poker tournaments (each a “Tournament”)

By entering into this Agreement, you acknowledge that ‘PokerStars Live’, ‘PSLive’, ‘EPT’, ‘APPT’, ‘BSOP’, ‘PCA’, ‘PSPC’, ‘PokerStars MEGASTACK’ and ‘PokerStars’ are brands owned and operated by a group of companies known as “The Stars Group”. Where used, the term “Group” shall also include The Hippodrome Casino, as may be applicable depending on the location where the Tournament is held for an Event in which you participate.

Prior to your participation in any Event, you may be required to agree to and be bound by separate terms and conditions of the casino or venue who act as the licence holder and operator of the Event (“Casino Venue Terms and Conditions”). Details of the Casino Venue Terms and Conditions will be supplied by or available through the casino venue.

Please note that this Agreement: (a) is a legally binding agreement between you and each applicable Event Company; (b) constitutes our entire understanding with you with respect to your participation in our Events and/or use of the PSLive system (as defined below), where applicable; and (c) supersedes any prior agreements between you and the applicable Event Company or any other member of the Group, in connection with the subject matter hereof.

You hereby represent that you have not relied on any representation or assurances, whether

written or oral made by us other than those expressly set forth in this Agreement. You acknowledge that we have the right to freely assign our rights, licenses and/or obligations, in

whole or in part, under this Agreement to any member of our Group or to any other third party without notice to you.

You should note that we (or an authorised third party acting on our behalf) shall have the right, in our sole discretion, to take all such action as we deem reasonable in order to enforce the terms and conditions of this Agreement at all times.


You will be required to register your details with us in order for you to be permitted to participate in an Event and/or enter a Tournament. We will, acting in our sole discretion, enable players to register either:
in person within the venue where the Event is being held; or

At Events:
(a) you will need your Hippodrome Membership card in order to register into a Tournament, (b)following registration for a Tournament, your allocated Tournament entry ticket will be released to you and will be needed as proof of purchase and allow your seat to be released. if you win a prize amount in a Tournament, you will be asked for your
You may cancel your reserved tickets for a Tournament prior to its
in person at the registration desk within the Event venue.
Please note that as your buy-in amount will be included in the Tournament prize pool, once a Tournament begins, you will not be permitted to cancel your reservation for that Tournament nor will you will be refunded the Tournament buy in amount should you fail to participate in the Tournament.

You hereby acknowledge that your name (or nickname, chosen and recorded on The Hippodrome Casino registration system) will be included in all chip stack count updates, seating plans and result publications by The Hippodrome Casino, PokerStars and third party result platforms such as but not limited to The Hendon Mob, in the fulfillment of this contract

You irrevocably grant us and third parties acting on our behalf, all rights and licenses necessary to enable us make the fullest use (including, without limitation, to reproduce, distribute, amend, edit, translate, alter, publicly display, transmit on TV, via Internet and through any other means of communication and make derivative works thereof) of your photograph, likeness, appearance, image, voice, name, film footage and sound recordings that feature you, as photographed, recorded, or broadcasted by us or on our behalf (the “Contribution”) throughout the world in perpetuity and royalty-free by any and all means in any and all media, whether now known or hereinafter developed or devised, in any programme for which your Contribution has been recorded and any other programmes and any other content including, without limitation, in relation to the live or pre-recorded streaming of our coverage of a Tournament on the Internet, the production and distribution of video blogs of a Tournament on the Internet and the production and release of promos of, or other marketing materials related to, a Tournament, or poker tournaments or online poker websites associated with our brands (including but not limited to the “PokerStars Live”, “PokerStars”, “PokerStars Casino”, “Full Tilt” and “BetStars” brands). You hereby release us and our permitted designees from and against any claim, damage, liability, cost and expense arising from any violation of any right to privacy, publicity or personality that you have, or infringement of any copyright or other proprietary right that you own or hold, based upon or related to any use of the Contribution under the licenses and rights granted herein, as permitted by law. The foregoing release shall be binding upon you and your heirs, assigns and legal representatives.

4. Refusal of entry: We reserve the right to refuse any person entry into any and all Tournaments as well as the Event area(s) for any reason. Individuals who are excluded by the Tournament sponsor, partner or venue are not eligible for entry into any Tournaments or Events area(s).

5. No-transfers: Prizes and entries are non-transferable. Winners are responsible for payment of any and all taxes, licenses, registrations and other fees associated with Tournament prizes. If prizes are being paid through wire transfer, players will be required to provide identification documentation to comply with international anti-money laundering regulations.

6. Disqualification: We, together with the organising venue in which the Event will be held, reserve the right to disqualify any person from all Tournaments and/or to request the removal of such persons the Event area(s) for any reason. If you are disqualified from a Tournament, you shall forfeit your entire buy-in and shall not be entitled to any Tournament prize monies or any other prize consideration that you may have qualified for at the point of disqualification.

7. No controversy: No Player participating in any event shall be permitted to show, display or communicate in any way, any message or content which, in our sole discretion is, or could be construed to be political in nature (or supportive of any political cause or action), racist, obscene, derogatory, threatening in nature, a form of harassment, libelous, fraudulent, invasive of another person’s privacy, offensive, defamatory of another person, or otherwise promote, advertise or condone anything illegal or unlawful, victimises, degrades, harasses or intimidates an individual or group of individuals on the basis of any classification, including, without limitation, religion, gender, sexual orientation, race, colour, creed, ethnicity, national origin, citizenship, age, marital status, military status or disability, constitutes, or would otherwise encourage, criminal conduct or give rise to civil liability, or which is intended for commercial purposes, including without limitation, submitting any material to solicit funds or to promote, advertise or solicit the sale of any goods or services. In relation to any dispute about this paragraph, our decision shall be final and binding

8. Force Majeure: We shall not be liable for any delay or failure in performing our obligations to you under this Agreement or elsewhere including (but not limited to) any obligation to offer a guaranteed prize pool, in the event of acts, events, omissions or accidents beyond our reasonable control including (but not limited to) acts of God, fire, explosion, accidental damage, flood, earthquake, adverse weather conditions or other natural disaster, war, threat of or preparation for war, terrorist attack, civil war, civil commotion or riots and voluntary or mandatory compliance with any law (including a failure to grant any licence or consent needed or any change in the law or interpretation of the law).

9. Amendments: We reserve the right to change the terms of this Agreement at any time; therefore, you should review the most updated version each time prior to your participation in any Tournament.

10. Limitation of liability: You agree that other than as required by applicable law, we shall not be liable to you for any losses, damages, claims or other expenses arising from this Agreement.



These Terms and Conditions were last updated in MAY 2022
If you wish to withdraw from any of the opt in categories at any time you can email us at [email protected]

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