Cricket World Cup

October Fixtures at The Hippodrome

DateMatchTimeShowing In
Thursday 5thEngland vs New Zealand09:30Lola’s (Lower Ground)
Friday 6thPakistan vs Holland09:30Lola’s (Lower Ground)
Saturday 7thSouth Africa vs Sri Lanka09:30Lola’s (Lower Ground)
Sunday 8thIndia vs Australia09:30Lola’s (Lower Ground)
Monday 9thNew Zealand vs Netherlands09:30Lola’s (Lower Ground)
Tuesday 10thEngland vs Bangladesh06:00Lola’s (Lower Ground)
Wednesday 11thIndia vs Afghanistan09:30Lola’s (Lower Ground)
Thursday 12thAustralia vs South Africa09:30Lola’s (Lower Ground)
Friday 13thNew Zealand vs Bangladesh09:30Lola’s (Lower Ground)
Saturday 14thIndia vs Pakistan09:30Lola’s (Lower Ground)
Sunday 15thEngland vs Afghanistan09:30Lola’s (Lower Ground)
Monday 16thAustralia vs Sri Lanka09:30Lola’s (Lower Ground)
Tuesday 17thSouth Africa vs Netherlands09:30Lola’s (Lower Ground)
Wednesday 18thNew Zealand vs Afghanistan09:30Lola’s (Lower Ground)
Thursday 19thIndia vs Bangladesh09:30Lola’s (Lower Ground)
Friday 20thAustralia vs Pakistan09:30Lola’s (Lower Ground)
Saturday 21stEngland vs South Africa09:30Lola’s (Lower Ground)
Sunday 22ndIndia vs New Zealand09:30Lola’s (Lower Ground)
Monday 23rdPakistan vs Afghanistan09:30Lola’s (Lower Ground)
Tuesday 24thSouth Africa vs Bangladesh09:30Lola’s (Lower Ground)
Wednesday 25thAustralia vs Netherlands09:30Lola’s (Lower Ground)
Thursday 26thEngland vs Sri Lanka09:30Lola’s (Lower Ground)
Friday 27thPakistan vs South Africa09:30Lola’s (Lower Ground)
Saturday 28thAustralia vs New Zealand06:00Lola’s (Lower Ground)
Sunday 29thIndia vs England08:30Lola’s (Lower Ground)
Monday 30thAfghanistan vs Sri Lanka08:30Lola’s (Lower Ground)
Tuesday 31stPakistan vs Bangladesh08:30Lola’s (Lower Ground)

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