This event took place at 8:00PM on 21st November 2017.
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A Cappella – British Pop Style

Direct from Sky 1’s SING: Ultimate A Cappella, WeAreTrackless are one of the hottest all-vocal acts around.

Combining 5 of London’s brightest professional vocalists with smooth harmonies, contemporary arrangements and, awesome beatboxing, WeAreTrackless are taking the live music scene by storm!

Christopher, Georgie, Skye, Simon and Jess are an energetic quintet, bringing their contemporary ‘British Pop Style’ to the UK A Cappella scene. With a beat driven sound, and a set list that covers everything from Ariana Grande to Ed Sheeran, Shawn Mendes to Coldplay & beyond, they are the crowd pleaser UK A Cappella has been waiting for.

With all sounds made by only 5 voices, absolutely no instruments or backing tracks, you’ll be amazed at what you’re hearing on stage!

They have a rapidly increasing worldwide support and 2017 has been a busy one for the group. With their debut at the London A Cappella Festival in January, to supporting A Cappella legend Chris Rupp (Home Free) in the Spring and a host of live dates and radio appearances in the Summer.

They were invited to take part in Sky 1’s SING: Ultimate A Cappella this Autumn as one of the best vocal groups in the country. With a Christmas Residency at the Greenwich Wintertime festival upcoming, they are a busy bunch!

Their live show features chart hits from Ed Sheeran to Jon Bellion and Little Mix, and a wealth of artists that inspire their sound from around the globe. From Rock to R n B, Pop to Gospel, WeAreTrackless always surprise and excite their audience with their set list choice.

They will be joined on the night by some very special guests from the world of A Cappella, some that you will have seen on the TV too!

All press enquiries to [email protected]

Twitter – @WeAreTrackless

Instagram – @WeAreTrackless


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