Su and The Paramecia

This event took place at 7:00PM on 21st February 2018.
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The London Chinatown Chinese Association proudly invites you to a special evening of music and entertainment featuring some of the best Chinese bands in the UK.

The evening includes Su Zixu & The Paramecia, Lilly, Le Fil, Retax, Mark Wang @ Potluck and Xuemin on keyboards.

Zixu SU is a guitarist, singer and poet. He was born in Inner Mongolia, China. He is widely known for captivating his  audiences with the virtuosity, elegance and poetry of his lyrics and musical textures, combined with powerful lead vocals.

Su’s breakthrough single ‘Melting’ was featured on the hit  Chinese TV show “Sing My Song” in 2015 with a staggering 480 millions viewers. After gaining enormous public attention he followed up with his genre-defining EP “Stardust Memories” and has released one album and 10 singles. He has performed hundreds of shows during five world tours in iconic venues and festivals including London’s Trafalgar Square, Leeds’ Global Fusion Show, the China Taihu Midi Festival and Sound of the Xity.

倫敦華埠新春慶典呈獻 ROCK & SOUL 中式樂音樂會。


苏紫旭,根源唱作人,吉他手,诗人。出生于中国内蒙,少年时自学吉他,音乐素养醇厚,个人同时参与三个音乐项目(个人solo、世界音乐及大乐队编制)以满足自我表达需求。他天⻢行空的吉他段落常伴以文学化极强的词语表达,现场演出多包含即兴成分,极具感染力,令人难以忘怀。 2015年,中国大型原创音乐选秀节目《中国好歌曲》 让苏紫旭凭借《没有你》和《融解》脱颖而出,随后他出版了个人EP《星尘往事》和诗集《恰似少年人》,发行单曲十余首。至今他已参与音乐节活动数十场并完成五轮、超过百站的国内巡演。2017年他曾赴英创作、游历,作为特邀嘉宾登台伦敦Trafalgar Square参与新年庆典Finally演出。 同年10月发行“苏紫旭&The Paramecia”乐队项目前卫艺术摇滚专辑《飞出迷楼》,随后开展的全国二十三城冬季巡演获得圆满成功。 2018年的苏紫旭将呈现他更多的绝妙创作,他的音乐旅程永远不失精彩而且步履不停。敬请期待。




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