Three Card Poker Progressive

Play our new £1 side bet to have a chance of winning the Mini Royal Jackpot!

Try your luck at our Three Card Poker side bet! Chase the Mini Royal Jackpot by placing a £1 bet alongside your hand.


Payouts are as follows:
Mini Royal (Diamonds)    100% jackpot

Mini Royal (Other)             £500

Straight Flush                     £75

Three of a Kind                   £50

Straight                                  £5


Players must play the Ante to participate in the Mini Royal Jackpot

Players must place a £1 chip onto the Jackpot Sensor before the cards are dealt

Only the highest payout paid per player

Mini Royal Diamond Jackpot win will be verified by management before payment

In the event of two winning hand occurring at the same time, the first hand dealt will win the jackpot as shown. Subsequent wins will receive the reseeded jackpot amount.

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