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Masterclass & 3 Course Steak Dinner

Heliot Steak House, voted Best Steak House restaurant in London, is launching the country’s first School of Meatology™, a series of classes that will take place throughout the year which will educate meat lovers on how to cook the perfect steak as well as how to prepare the beef and use all the various cuts. These immersive classes will be conducted by the world’s first Meatologist™, Ioannis Grammenos.

No doubt that all the cooking and beefy aromas will whet the appetite, so the classes will also include a three-course dinner and expertly paired wines by Heliot Steak House’s resident sommelier Salvatore Russo.

Ioannis Grammenos, Heliot’s Meatologist™ and Executive Chef comments that: “The School of Meatology™ will address a number of the most common pitfalls, as well as looking into how to cook the different cuts of beef, how to get the best flavour and general top tips to ensure every classmate that attends will graduate with honours and know an underseasoned or overcooked steak will never appear on their dining table at home again!”

The School of Meatology™ classes at Heliot Steak House will be launching from May 2018 and cost £65 per person.

All Masterclasses start at 6pm and include the following:

• Welcome Drink (either a glass of champagne or a cocktail)

• Masterclass with Meatologist™, Ioannis Grammenos

• 3 course dinner & wine pairings in the Heliot Steak House

Dates for School of Meatology™ classes:

12th September SOLD OUT

7th November SOLD OUT


January 9th SOLD OUT

January 23rd

February 12th

March 13th

March 27th

To book a place please contact the Events Team on [email protected] or 0207 769 8888.