Throw Them Bones!

How To Play

Craps is one of Hollywood’s favourite games and The Hippodrome has the only table left in London, found in Lola’s Underground Casino. To begin the action, place a bet on “Pass Line” or “Don’t Pass Line” to receive 2 Dice. You are now the Shooter! Other players at the table may choose to back your roll, giving a fun team element to the game. Bets are paid based on the total of the 2 dice after you throw them. You must start the game by throwing to set yourself a target, or “Point”. This is called the Come-Out Roll.

If you are playing the Pass Line, at this stage you will win even money if a 7 or 11 (known as the Naturals) is rolled. If a 2,3 or 12 (these are called the Craps) is rolled you will lose. Any other number rolled will become your Point. Once a Point has been established you must roll that number again before a 7 is rolled to win. If a 7 is rolled before the Point is made Pass Line bets lose and the dice are offered to the next shooter.

If you are playing the Don’t Pass Line, you back the house and require the opposite of the above to win.

These are the rules for the basic game of Craps. There are also numerous side bets on offer at the table. You can bet on other numbers to be rolled, not just the Point, before a 7 is rolled. Exact combination bets are also available. We offer double odds on all points.

Our talented Dice Crew will be happy to teach you the game. We also have ‘How to Play’ leaflets which go into a little more depth about the odds at the table.

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