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Six Shooter

Six Shooter is now available in Lola's Underground Casino every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night

How to Play

Six Shooter is a game where the player nominated as the Shooter rolls three dice
three times to eliminate six dice values established by the Dealer who will roll six
target Dice at the start of each game.

Start by placing your bet on the Ante area of the table layout.

The Dealer will then roll six dice to establish the six dice values that the Shooter will aim to eliminate

The nominated Shooter then rolls their three dice for the first time.

Any values rolled that match the dealer’s dice values eliminates those target dice

The Shooter has two further rolls to eliminate any remaining dice values in the target array

Bets win if the Shooter eliminates all six target dice on or before their third and final roll

Each of the Shooter’s dice can eliminate multiple instances of matching dice in
the target array. For example, if the target is 1,2,4,4,5,6 and the Shooter rolls
1,4,6, the 1,6 and both 4s are eliminated.

The payout for a win varies depending on how many rolls it takes for the Shooter
to eliminate the target dice values.

Bonus Shooter Side Bets – Any Trips / Any Straight

These two optional side bets are available ahead of any of the three potential rolls by the Shooter. Players may bet that the Shooter’s next roll will be ‘Three-of-a-Kind’ (i.e. all three dice match in value) or ‘Any Straight’ (i.e. the three dice values are in sequential order such as 1,2,3 or 3,4,5. The ‘special case’ of 6,5,1 is also considered a winning Straight)

Usual odds paid

Ante Bet

Win on 1st Roll – pays 10 to 1

Win on 2nd Roll – pays 2 to 1

Win on Final Roll – pays 1 to 1

Shooter Side Bets

Three-of-a-Kind – pays 34 to 1

Any Straight (incl. 6,5,1) – pays 6 to 1

House Edge details

Ante Bet: House Edge: 2.48%

Shooter Side Bets: House Edge: 2.78%

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